About Us

Sneaker Keeper was founded by four sneaker enthusiasts from Finland.

Sneaker Keeper started as a need for clear shoe display boxes that would showcase our sneakers and fit our home decoration. We just got tired of staring at all the different colored cardboard boxes in our homes. We also wanted to showcase our loved sneakers rather than hide them in their original boxes.  We tried to find a clear display box to fit our need but we couldn't find anything that was the right size or the look. Any available options just weren't up to our standards. That's when we got the idea to make it our selves and so Sneaker Keeper was born.

We researched different materials and tried to find the best solutions to make the best box possible. We ordered many samples and tried different sizes and options until we were happy with the result. We hope that you enjoy our box as much as we do, and give your sneakers the love and care that they deserve.

Our goal is to offer the best looking and highest quality sneaker display boxes on the market.